Run Fractal Green Apps In Parallel

Fractal technology is not new. It’s roots go back 30 years.

Electric utilities have used Fractal apps in full production for over 7 years.

But it may be new to you. So why take a risk?

Run any Fractal app in parallel with the legacy app, as long as you like, testing every
transaction in both systems.

You can keep running them forever – or replace the expensive, power consuming legacy app when you are comfortable and reap the savings.

Some customers use the parallel Fractal app for testing and Q.A.

Why not? The cost for a parallel app is less than the maintenance for the legacy app!

Nobody ever thought about “greening your app portfolio.” Maybe they should.

An app that no longer requires a mainframe – that can run on an Intel NUC consuming less power than a table lamp – is sustainable.