Edge Computing vs. Computing At The Edge

Edge computing and computing at the Edge: identical words in a different order that deliver starkly opposite outcomes.

Utilities are learning they can transition from being generators of electrons to offering customers the management of both electrons and the equipment those electrons drive.

Utilities can drive new revenue streams from predicting when an HVAC system is likely to fail.

Computing at the edge means replicating your data center – obviously not a solution to monitoring your customers’ equipment.

True edge computing from Fractal enables you to have a computer the size of a phone at any customer location giving you the power of a current data center – that’s true edge computing.

Fractal Programming – True Edge Tech Stack

Fractal EDGE computing is a difference of kind, not of degree.  True edge computing can best be attained using Fractal the next evolution of microservices.

Fractal EDGE computing employs a fundamental distributed processing architecture, not just replicated data centers in remote locations.


Placing replicated data centers (plumbing) at the network edge enables a company to run perhaps hundreds of database processes simultaneously.

Fractal EDGE computing, employing a deeply distributed architecture, runs tens of thousands to tens of millions of database processes simultaneously. Fractal EDGE computing atomizes conventional software infrastructure into a granularity that makes edge computing a “difference of kind.”

Fractal EDGE computing delivers its promise via a distributed architecture that can utilize a heterogeneous hardware mix of servers, embedded devices, and mobile devices such as tablets and phones.  This is an inherent characteristic of Fractal apps.

In Fractal EDGE computing, the requirement for conventional, legacy data center software infrastructure disappears.

There is no need for Oracle or any other data center commercial DBMS. Ditto for VMware, conventional data center security products and middleware.

Fractal EDGE computing delivers real-time processing, on virtually any hardware, at the network edge because it is built with an entirely different software technology stack.  Fractal EDGE delivers micro APPS that can run on any hardware, no code modifications needed.

Fractal EDGE extends the utility’s reach to offer far greater high margin, valuable electron management services – value for the customer and the utility.