Demand Forecasting

A major utility needed to forecast its power needs in less than 12 hours to be able to buy/sell in the energy markets the next day. 

Their legacy system ran for 11 ½ hours using only samples of customers because running all customers could not be done in the time available.

The legacy forecasting system would not run quickly enough for capital market futures positions to be taken.

The Fractal system, running on a single Intel NUC, costing $4,000 ran in a few minutes, not 11 hours.

The Fractal team showed the utility how it could add all its customers, not a sample.  Thus it could predict its power needs, across its millions of customers, with varying weather conditions – daily.

The Fractal system ran 1,000 times faster than the legacy system.

The Fractal demand forecasting system enables unlimited scenarios to be run in real time without impacting their ability to trade in the financial markets.

The Fractal system was built in less than 11 days at a cost less than the yearly maintenance of the legacy system.