Monitor Service Level Agreements With Data Vendors

Error prone utility bills can be caused by vendor provided data missing. 

One of the most sensitive areas is data related to meters.

Meter data shortfalls can cause billing problems further down the chain. 

The Fractal system created a parallel MDMS (meter data management system) that identified all the missing data and meter reading errors.

This quick, early detection of provider data eliminated many downstream billing and customer service issues.

The parallel MDMS analyzed all interval and daily data to locate any missing data elements and test them against service level agreement metrics.

All interval data was then reconciled against all daily data checking for consistency.

Fractal built a machine learning sub-system to identify any unusual consumption patterns that indicated machine reading issues.

Monitoring, analysis, and alarming for data provider service level agreements insured any vendor service level failures were quickly identified.

The utility realized much cleaner, more accurate bills and was able to bill its customers with confidence.

This system was built and placed into production in less than 90 days.