Key Customer Outage Management

Fractal utility customers needed to communicate with key customers regarding critical loads, priority loads, and key account contact management during outages or brown outs.

When there was an outage, customers needed automated email, text and voicemail communications to get information, alarms and alerts.

The billing system contact information may be different from the outage contact information.

Customer bases in the millions can make data management and automated communication challenging.

Customers need to update their key contact information regarding outages or brown outs themselves.

Fractal enables data portals to be easily built for both internal and external customer use.

Flexible database definitions enable easy addition of attributes for tracking critical, priority and key accounts.

Native email, text and voicemail can be used for alerting and alarming.

Fractal delivered this capability to a major utility in less than a single business quarter.

Internal teams supported a portal for use by the call center and key accounts team to track and update customer contact information.

Fractal enabled the utility to identify and classify critical, priority and key accounts for real-time detection of site-specific outages and other issues.