Customer Care And Billing

Our utility customer needed a 360 degree view of its customers, particularly its Key Accounts.

It also needed to let its customers interact with their own data – rate plans and bills, via a customer portal.

Changing or even touching the current CC&B billing system was out of the question.

CC&B is so complex – the risk was too high.

The utility built a parallel Fractal system in less than 90 days.

The parallel billing system performed everything the CC&B system did – only at a fraction of the cost.

Both the Key Accounts Team and the Call Center saw customer satisfaction metrics improve.

Tens of thousands of customers could access their data via a web portal.

This utility saved $35 million for a CC&B upgrade/rewrite/extension it was planning.

Customer surprises through billing errors disappeared – two systems, each with different code bases – coming to the same bill amount meant the bill was correct. If there were a mismatch, it was investigated BEFORE the customer ever saw a bill.

90 days from start to finish!

Cost less than their current CC&B maintenance!