The Fractal Utility

Current Compute Technology At End Of Life

“By 2025, traditional computing technologies will hit a digital wall…As conventional silicon processors approach performance, economic and sustainability limits, they will limit digital initiatives and innovation, thereby limiting the growth of the business. New computing technologies … will begin to take their place. As these new technologies mature, they will become increasingly available and more affordable for businesses to begin experimentation.”                   

                                                        Gartner Group Strategic Predictions for 2021 And Beyond

Fractal technology is a new compute tech stack delivering a price/performance increase for the electric utility industry that is truly disruptive – in a very good way.

Fractal technology, in use at several electric and water utilities for the last 7 years, has proven itself a transformational technology.

The Fractal tech stack runs from 1,000 to a million times faster than any current utility application today.  Speed means something – and not just shortening a billing cycle.

If you speed up an app 10x, you make an incremental improvement. 

When you increase compute speed by a factor of 1,000 or 1 million, you enable entirely new business models.

For instance, Fractal speed, at current electric utilities:

  • Enables rate planners to take EVERY customer, measured against EVERY rate, using their bills going back a decade, and simulate DAILY the optimum rate plan.
  • That utility knows, to the penny, the financial impact of every rate plan, against every customer.
  • There are NO SURPRISES when a new rate plan adversely impacts a large customer.  That plan and a multitude of others were simulated and shared with that customer – in advance.
  • Transformers can be monitored, 24/7, with software virtual meters, no hardware needed, to measure loads making sure they are not overloaded.

Join us here to learn how current electric and water utilities, are going Fractal, and cutting IT costs 50% or more, delivering any app in a quarter, and achieving digital transformation that is immediate and tangible.